Ultrasound Technician Salary

Ultrasound Technician Salary – A Definitive Guide for Technician’s

Sonographers, also known as Ultrasound Technicians, are involved in an intimate manner with their patient’s health. Even though they might no be as popular as the Physicians and Dentists to the public eye, they sure are important for the national healthcare of a nation, representing an important element of diagnosis to healthcare professionals.

They handle ultrasound and other equipment which captures internal images of patients’ bodies, allowing a more accurate diagnosis of the internal tissues of a certain patient. Using the power of Ultrasound, they are able to emit high-frequency sound waves into patients’ bodies without the use of radiation, one of the biggest problems with X-Rays used as a diagnosis tool. After capturing those images, these professionals send this important and relevant data to physicians, providing a very important diagnostic tool, and increasing the possibilities of success in a certain medical case.


These professionals work in a regular 40-hours-per-week basis, and they are more commonly referred to public entities, so shift-work is more often employed in their contracts. However, many private entities also provide an important niche to these professionals, who work there to earn an extra income or even to the full extent of their expected monthly income.

These professionals must be proficient explaining and communicating with physicians and patients, so communicative skills are highly rated in this profession. However, remember that even though they guide their patients to accurately record the test, they aren’t allowed to discuss their conclusions with them. That is exclusive responsibility of the physician. Even so, Sonographers are expected to discuss their findings with the physician, providing valuable insight in their research.

Concerning Education, Sonographers have a pretty standard requirement. Usually, educational institutions offer either a 2-year associate, or 4-year bachelor’s ultrasound technician degree.

These professionals earn a median salary of $63,010, and the top-level earned anything around approximately $80,000 annual income. This is also a very stimulating profession, as the fast-paced technology advancements we are currently experiencing in all fields of science allow for the introduction of new methods, equipment and techniques to Ultrasound Technologies. As such, the professional is expected to keep up with this dynamic, ever-changing environment.

This particular profession also seems to enjoy the ‘protection’ granted by an industry which is always needed, and somewhat immune to economical recession. The rate of growth for this job is expected to be 18%, clearly above the average expected for many other typical professions. This number is expected to grow particularly in private entities, like physicians’ offices and medical and diagnostic laboratories.

Summarizing, an exciting prospect for the future. The study of sound and all of its applications is surely a very interesting matter to take part in.